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Tolkien fans: “Why didn’t they fly with the eagles to Mordor?”

Digimon fans: “Pokémon is better”

Dangan Ronpa fans: “So Gundam is basically Eridan…”

Touhou fans: “Were can I watch this anime?”

Half-Life fans: “Where do I download Half-Life 3?”

Warhammer fans: “Games Workshop stole from Blizzard, what a bunch of ripoffs”

Assassin’s Creed fans: “Who cares about Desmond and Altaïr, Ezio is really hot, I skipped right to AC2 to meet him”

Devil May Cry fans: “Who’s that white haired douche? The real Dante is my short haired sexy baby”

*grinds teeth*

FMA fans: oh I like his steam punk look

Black Butler: That’s just racist!

Ouran HighSchool Host Club: Oh male prostitutes

Hetalia: *when you pissed off Homestuck*



Hetalia: France is a rapist

Hetalia: Spain is a pedo

Hetalia: Prussia is a pervert

Hetalia: Russia is a psycho

Hetalia: Seychelles is a paring whore

Hetalia: Italy has ADHD

Hetalia: Belarus is an incestuous psycho

Hetalia: All the girls get in the way of MY PRECIOUS USUK AND/OR FRUK.

Hetalia: USUK is better than FrUk

Hetalia: FrUk is better than USUK

Hetalia: Romano hates everyone

Hetalia: Romano is so bitchy desu yo

Hetalia: Italy is better than Romano

Hetalia: Romano is better than Italy

Hetalia: [Insert stupid nazi joke here that is completely offensive]

Hetalia: [Insert stupid accusations about France here]

Hetalia: I watch the show because of the hot guys

Hetalia: Gay countries.

Hetalia: [Insert stupid accusations about every single country here]

Hetalia: America is dumb

Hetalia: England is schizo/on drugs (yes someone has said this and yes it pisses me off)

Hetalia: [Insert stupid jokes about Englands cooking here]

Hetalians have many triggers. 

Hetalia:  Why are you watching a kids show?

Hetalia: the art is really bad so I skipped to season 5

Hetalia: ew why would I read the comic?

Hetalia: “You guys are just a tiny fandom that doesn’t do anything”

or if you want to make them angry/upset/sad then

Hetalia: Prussia is dissolved.

Hetalia: HRE is dead. Germany isn’t HRE.

the hetalia fandom is that fandom that seems really happy and fine on the surface, but if you put one toe out of line it either violently turns on you or curls up into a ball of tears and feels, depending on what you did

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